First Location  

Hillcrest Garden was started in 1936, by Eric Levy.  This grower -wholesaler operation was based in Park Ridge, N.J.  The flowers were sold to retail florists off of route trucks.  Pictured on the left is our founder, Eric Levy, with one of his routes truck.  This photo was taken sometime in the 1940's.

First Location

The business was run out of several small locations in Park Ridge throughout the 1960's and 1970's.  In the early 1970's, Leonard Levy took over the business from his father, and the operation began to grow rapidly.  In 1978,  Hillcrest Garden moved into a 22,000 square foot building in nearby Paramus, N.J. (pictured above).  Hillcrest Garden added hardgoods and foliage plants to their line that same year.

Second Location

In 1994, Hillcrest moved into a larger one floor 50,000 square foot building also in Paramus.  The building features an 8,000 square foot Cut Flower refrigerator which is held at a 34 degree temperature.  The facility features a beautiful greenhouse and and an expanded Supply Department.  This facility is a strong investment in our flower industry.  People can rest assured that through the capital invested, we are committed to serving the flower industry.