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Georgianne Vinicombe is channeling her passion for all things metaphysical by hosting a Psychic and Wellness Day, complete with a “Build Your Own Zen Garden” station.
Summer is a time to rest and recharge — ideally seaside, with a frosty beverage in hand. At Monday Morning Flowers and Balloon Company in Princeton, New Jersey, Georgianne Vinicombe will help locals find zen with her inaugural “Psychic and Wellness Day,” July 29, which will feature a DIY terrarium station.
Vinicombe decided to channel her passion for all things metaphysical by connecting with local masseuses, reiki masters, and energy healers to host a daylong extravaganza, happening just feet away from her retail shop.
“The trend for us as retailers and brick-and-mortar shops is to do anything to create an experience,” Vinicombe said. “Florists can’t just survive on selling flowers in the traditional way, we have to be thinking differently. Younger people want experiences, people are looking for the touchy-feely, and we are in the perfect position [to offer this to them].”
To pull off a successful experiential event, Vinicombe advises picking a theme in which you have “a real, genuine interest.”
From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., a vacant space next to Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Company will brim with live music and more than a dozen psychic and wellness vendors offering a range of goods and services, including crystal merchandise, tarot card readings and reiki sessions. From 2 to 4 p.m., Vinicombe will man a zen garden station, where guests can choose from a variety of soils, air plants, succulents, healing stones and miniature crystals to create a custom, keepsake terrarium. She’ll also have pre-made zen gardens available for sale.
Two weeks out, Vinicombe anticipates a large crowd. “Based on the traction from our MeetUp and Facebook pages, we were worried about having enough space to fit everyone who is interested,” Vinicombe said. “It’s a good problem to have.”
Looking to host your own summer extravaganza? Here are some tips from Vinicombe.
• Use what you have. To cut down on extra expenses, Vinicombe will use the terrarium supplies she already has in stock, and she invited customers to bring their own containers for the zen garden station. She will also decorate the station with plants, grab-and-go bouquets and pre-made arrangements to entice more sales.
• Pick a venue with space and visibility. A large vacant spot next door to her shop presented a no-brainer for Vinicombe’s Psychic and Wellness Day. If your event exceeds your shop’s square-footage, Vinicombe suggests looking for communal spaces to set up. Contact the landlord to gauge accessibility and invite local businesses to share in the fun (and rental fees).
• Flex your networking muscles. Michele Granberg, one of Vinicombe’s former bridal clients, works in the energy healing field and offered to help the florist sign up other vendors to participate in her Psychic and Wellness Day. Don’t be afraid to mine your Rolodex, connecting not just with customers but also people who share your interests — in Vinicombe’s case, spirituality and wellness.

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