Design Show Recap

Our “snow-postponed” Spring Wedding Design Show finally happened on Wednesday April 4th 2018.  We have the luck and pleasure to have had AIFD donate their design and commentary expertise to make the show happen (Northeast Chapter).  There were 4 top designers involved at this event: Laurie Lemak AIFD, Sue Krabill AIFD, Janet Corrao AIFD and Dot Chenevert AIFD doing the commentary.  Besides learning great ideas from watching the presentation, the attendees also got to take advantage of discounts on certain product lines, a free umbrella per attendee, a great meal, a chance to win a prize if you visit 4 vendor tables, and also to be in the running for two grand prizes.

The food was a an especially delicious spread.  Two types of Ziti, chicken, eggplant, Italian sausage and salad.   I had customers come up to me and tell me that evening that was the best meal they ever had at a wholesaler’s design show.  So we are very proud to have provided such a pleasing meal, and we are also very, very happy with our caterer, Shop Rite of Rochelle Park, NJ.

The vendors we had at our show, included, Giftwares, Acolyte, Berwick, Morex, Syndicate Sales, Design Master, and Supermoss.  One of the new products featured that night in the show, was the Holly Chapple egg, and pillow cages.

DesignshowApril 1


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We had 129 attendees at the show, which is a healthy number for us, especially at a Spring show.  Sue, Janet, Dot, and Laurie planned a wedding design show that featured wedding dresses decorated with silk flower blooms and also design styles that were more on the “different side.”  The design team reasoned that you can go to any number of wedding design shows, and see basic standard wedding designs, but they wanted to show out of the box designs that are just different enough to stand out.  On more than one occasion it was mentioned that today’s millennial bride may be drawn to something different.  Following are some of the tidbits we thought to highlight and summarize for you the reader:

Wedding Dresses as front window display fodder: Laurie suggested to brick and mortar retailers in the crowd that it’s a good idea to place a wedding dress on a mannequin in the front window of your shop, with silk flowers cold-glued onto the dress.  Do it just a little differently, use a flower shawl, or a flower train attached to the dress, place a headpiece on the mannequin made entirely of flowers.  Laurie says she had customers who come into her store and mention the headpiece in the window display, that they want something similar made. It’s basically letting your customers know that overt “creativity” is a skill set that resides in your store.



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