Trend Tidbits

During the Wholesale florist convention in October in Miami we had a chance to sit in on a trends session hosted by Kris Kratt AIFD PFCI. 

A little bit about Kris (and her husband Bill):



Kris is an owner of Schaffer Designs with her husband Bill.  They have won multiple awards from the Philadelphia Floral Show in ’07 ’11 ’12 and ’13.  They also headed up International Floral Distributor’s Color Forecast for three years.  Hillcrest Garden is a member of IFD.  They have also authored a book, “Taking the Flower Show Home.”  They are creators of “The Stars Project,” where they will coordinate floral designers from all 50 states for a celebration of the Constitution’s 225th anniversary.  Kris and Bill reside in Philadelphia PA.



Here are some bullet points that she espoused during her talk that we all thoughts our readers might find interesting:



Kris feels that there is no shame in mixing permanent botanicals with fresh product.  She suggests you be honest open and up front with a bride when this happens.  You simply tell the bride, that silk flowers are excellent and this is sometimes the only way to be able to include a certain flower that a bride has to have in a wedding design.  (As an aside - Hillcrest recently purchased white anemones with black centers in permanent, and this is a perfect example of what Kris is talking about.  White anemones are popular but in short supply.  Burgundy dahlias is another example.  Our supply buyer, Arnold, will be on the hunt for this item from his suppliers).






Leather Leaf, football mums and gladiolus are all flowers that are ‘new” to millennials, so you as florists should not automatically reject buying these items, just because you thought they were outdated and out of style.  Millennials think they are hot, and so should you! Millennials also crave protea.







Flat Lay photos are trending.  If you want to have your shop window look hip and ‘with it” we suggest you incorporate some flat lay photos in your displays and also on your website.






Unicorns are also trending.