Tim Huckabee Strikes Again!

Tim blog

Well, we are pleased to report that we had Tim Huckabee stop by our facility for two days of intense training.  He trained our sales staff and he also trained 28 retail florists that gathered here Tuesday evening for a 90 minute seminar on upselling.

Here are the main bullet points he covered in the session with the retail florists:

The floral industry is the only industry where we all (wholesalers and retailers) apologize to customers for their prices.  Tim asked, “When was the last time the barista at Starbucks apologized for selling you an overpriced $5 cup of coffee?”  Or the clerk at the grocery store for the milk, or the convenience store clerk who sells you a $2.00 snickers bar, or the beer man at the football game who serves you a $12.00 beer?

Tim advised the retailers in attendance that night to get the card message up front, and then gauge the emotional capital the buyer has invested in the flowers needed and quote a price accordingly.  For example if a brother is sending flowers for his sister’s 50th birthday, start at $75 or $100, not $45.00  If it’s a bouquet for the teacher on the last day of school, that can be the less expensive sale.  Tim visits a lot of flower shops and he sees florists charging 1997 prices even though we are in 2017.  The rest of the world have moved on, the floral business is still mired in 1997 and wondering why carnations aren’t the same price they were in the 1980s.

Tim talked about how retail florist ecommerce sites outsell human phone salespeople by a large margin on add-ons, like mylar balloons, teddy bears and chocolate.  So that means its obvious people will buy those things, so when your phone salespeople skip this add-on, its leaving money on the table.

Tim talked about words you should not use when describing an arrangement.  Such as the word “nice.”  That word is so middling and so non-descriptive.  Tim suggests “beautiful” or “lovely.”

Tim talked with retailers about how to address concerns about delivery charges.  He has all the perfect lines about how to counter complaints from customers on this topic.  His vocabulary training for florists is very powerful.

He actually covered a lot more on Tues than just what we have shared above.  The next time you have an opportunity to see Tim speak at an SAF Profit Blast or a trade association convention, don’t miss his talk.

We are lucky to have Tim in the NY metropolitan area.  He is available for hire as a consultant to help train your staff in the store, and there aren’t airfare and hotel room costs to deal with.  We subsidized the cost of having Tim teach florists here at our Tuesday evening seminar.  The fee to get in was just $5.00  We also helped subsidize the costs of some Tim sales consulting that was awarded to one lucky winner on Tuesday who gets to have Tim in their shop at a deep discount.

This is actually the third time we have had Tim Huckabee talk to florists at our Paramus facility.  We are committed to helping florists.  We have put on 4-5 of these business type seminars over the last 5-6 years and we have also hosted 2-3 designs shows each year as well.  We know our competitors are not providing this level of training for you on both the business and the design side.    

Tim is the only one in the floral business doing this type of upselling training.  The stuff he is preaching is not rocket science.  It’s just basic precepts that we all could probably figure out on our own but we don’t.  And that includes mistakes our people make on the wholesale level as well.  Tim spent two days training our wholesale staff this week.  If you are interested in more of what Tim has to say, we have a catalog of some of his articles on our website.  Click here.  If you want to find out more about Tim and his sales training visit his website https://www.floralstrategies.com

We are uploading a short video of some of Tim’s Tues. evening seminar with the retail florists on our you-tube channel and also on our website soon.  Keep an eye out for it.