Fourth of July avocado sales record


Fourth of July avocado actual sales figures indicate 118.3 million pounds were sold in the United States in support of holiday festivities, making it the highest Fourth of July consumption period for avocados on record.

The results were stronger than the 100-million pound pre-holiday projection and surpassed the 2016 actual by nearly 20 percent. Memorial Day, which kicks off the U.S. summer holiday season, also accounted for 118.3 million pounds.

The California Avocado Commission kicked off its programming in April with season-opening activities followed by its American Summer Holidays program in May, California Avocado Month activities in June and programs for the Fourth of July. 

The commission’s California Avocado Month advertising incorporated print and in-store radio as well as Pandora audio targeted to where California Avocados are in distribution. It was supported by social media that generated more than 8.2 million impressions. Digital advertising has played a big role in California avocado marketing this year.