Editor’s Note: Below is a reprint of an article about the cubs and flowers from SAF’s E-Brief. After you read this article, hopefully it kindle some sports thoughts in your mind. Maybe you should be suggesting sports themed arrangements to grieving families, or possibly funeral homes that you are friendly with can mention these choices to grieving families. This is a great idea that may be untapped at the retail florist level.



The Chicago Cubs’ historic World Series win earlier this month was a boon for some business owners selling team-themed goods and gear.

Ashland-Addison Florist Co. filled orders during the series for its “custom Cubs arrangements.” The business was also featured in a Chicago Tribune story on Cubs fans who want to have team memorabilia included in their funeral and memorial services. (Ashland-Addison sells a Cubs memorial set piece for $250.)

“Flowers have proven to be a priceless and easy way to share victorious joy among local fans or to honor family member fanatics who are no longer here and we’ve had the pleasure in being a part of such a historic moment,” said Sydney Lewis, a spokesperson for the shop.

Former SAF President Red Kennicott, AAF, of Kennicott Brothers Wholesale said his company temporarily “sold out of just about anything blue — containers, ribbons etc.”

After the series, more than a million people turned out for Chicago’s victory parade — an exciting event that did create some minor logistical challenges.

“We had all of our downtown and Lakeview [areas] deliveries leave earlier than usual due to the parade and only made one trip to each of those areas,” Lewis said. “A lot of people were at the parade, so we didn’t get as many additional orders for those areas.”