Chasen Brown



 For the last few years, we have had Chasen Brown work at our company helping us with data entry jobs and other clerical office type jobs. He is wheelchair bound, but that has not stopped him from getting work done and doing a good job at it too!. Chasen recently graduated from the “Careers Through Technology” Program at Bergen County Special Services School in Paramus. Hillcrest Garden is very proud to be a part of this program, which gives Chasen valuable work experience. Included in this blog post are some photos from his graduation. Eric Levy and Christine Cappobianco, from Hillcrest Garden, were invited to the graduation and the luncheon that happened just after the event. We were pleased to be there to see him graduate and hear the various speeches that the teachers and the parents gave. At one point in the ceremony, Hillcrest’s own Christine Cappobianco stood at the mic and gave a very impassioned and impromptu speech praising Chasen. She did a fantastic job, even though she had not prepared any of her remarks ahead of time.

If you have a chance to stop by Hillcrest Garden one day soon, ask us to introduce you to Chasen. Meeting him, you will be inspired. He has many challenges in his life, but he is conquering all of them one step at a time.


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