Finding Value as an Intern

This is a re-post of a blog post by an intern, named Brittany Ullman. She worked this summer for an organization near and dear to Hillcrest Garden’s heart, International Floral Distributors in Indiana. That organization is responsible for so much that Hillcrest customers get exposed to. Our annual hardgoods catalog, or annual Color Trends Forecast, and our website, just to name a few items. Brittany contributed to many of these projects this summer, and I thought it would be refreshing to hear another voice in this blog besides mine. Plus, it’s interesting to hear about the “behind the scenes stuff.” It’s also interesting to see young people get exposed to our floral industry, for sometimes its feels like everybody in this industry has been in it forever, and you worry about future generations embracing working in this industry.

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My internship at IFD has definitely been a whirlwind to say the least.

Even though I was not completely prepared for the way in which I was propelled into the previously foreign world known as the flower industry, that exact phenomenon is one of the reasons why I have enjoyed my time at IFD.

There is something about not knowing all of the details and the need to learn more about those unfamiliar technicalities that makes this internship so valuable. Simply put, my college education, though wonderful and well-rounded, cannot teach me as much as I would like before graduation.

This is by no means a fault of the university, they have done many amazing things for me both in terms of my education and future. There is no telling where I would be without the Ball State English Department and their helpful and inspiring professors. Yet, college simply cannot teach me everything I need to know before leaving the hallowed halls of Ball State. No matter the size of the university and number of their faculty, it is unfathomable to teach every student every detail s/he will need in the future. This is especially true given that most people continue to learn these details throughout their entire career.


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-Eric Levy