Customer Appreciation Day – July 12, 2016

Hillcrest Garden for three years now, has hosted a design show in July. One year, the theme was
“funerals.” The next year the theme was funerals again, but with a design contest to the mix. The third year, the theme was “weddings.” Anyhow, these summer shows attracted some attendance, but not the attendance we would have hoped for. So we decided to try a different model in July of this year. Instead of a design show, we wanted an event that could run all day. Some of our fellow wholesalers in other parts of the country had used a “Customer Appreciation Day” model where big discounts were handed out. This model has two great features. It allows us to thank our customers for their continued business, and also it allows our customers to take advantage of big discounts across the supply and plant product lines. So we took the plunge and executed our own Customer Appreciation Day on July 12th. Our discount on supplies and plants that day was 20% off, and we had a lot of customers that took advantage. We even had a dunk tank, and two of our owners, Leonard and myself (Eric) went into the dunk tank. Luckily it was a really hot day, and the dunk tank was a great relief! We also had a ring toss, where customers could toss rings for prizes.

The food included hot dogs, cheeseburgers, baked beans, salad and beverages. The food was cooked from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM, when the event officially ended. Movie theater type popcorn and build-your-own-ice-cream-sundaes were also a big hit that day.

David Schwartz, a sales rep from Bloomnation was on-hand. He manned a booth, and had great discussions with many florists that day. He was pitching them on the idea of leaving their current wire service and signing up with Bloomnation. Bloomnation has a model where they only keep 10% of every order. The rest of the dollars (90%), the shop gets. Florist sets the price points and Bloomnation pays within 48 hours. Sounds like a great deal! David also went into the dunk tank! David has been on the road visiting many accounts, sometimes with a Hillcrest sales rep in tow, and he has signed up many florists to move to the Bloomnation model.

Our first Customer Appreciation Day was a big success. Our sales were healthy and our customers were happy, so we are hoping to do more of these events in the future, so stay tuned.