There Are Fairies in the Greenhouse!

The best part of my day today was the Fairy Garden Class that I held this morning. I am Pam Breunig, the greenhouse manager at Hillcrest Garden and recently I attended the TPIE (Tropical Plant Industry Expo) show in Florida. There I discovered Fairy Gardens and was intrigued! Since that time I have been regularly ordering Fairy Gardens and Moss Gardens and have been pleased with our customer response! (Fairy gardens are gardens in miniature, with the addition of whimsical trinkets designed to scale.) A few months back, running back and forth, to and from the greenhouse, I noticed a pallet of broken terra cotta pots that our supply department had received, obviously damaged and waiting on a credit memo from the shipper! I remember asking what was to become of all of these pieces and pots... Then I thought that these "damaged goods" would be perfect for a "home made" Fairy Garden. Well, one thing lead to another and soon I was designing Fairy Gardens out of broken terra cotta and having so much fun that a Fairy Garden Class was created! And I was to teach it! This morning, eight of us had a fabulous time creating our very own Fairy Gardens out of broken terra cotta pots in one of the workrooms here at Hillcrest Garden. We used a large pot and broke out the front, then inserted other broken pots and pieces of terra cotta to create levels, steps and pathways. We added tiny succulents, colorful tropical plants, stones and gems, and miniature garden trinkets - wheel barrows, fences, mailboxes, etc. Everyone created a masterpiece! I could not believe how wonderful they turned out, each with a slightly different shape and theme! We all had a great time, snapping pictures afterwards, eating Munchkins, etc. But then my "students" surprised me by asking about our NEXT class! Hmmm??? Next class??? Definitely to be continued!

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