Hillcrest Garden Hosts Informative Wedding Design Show on March 16

Our annual Spring Wedding design show was held on March 16th, at 6:00 PM. The lead designer was Kevin Ylvisaker AIFD PFCI. Kevin is a former President of AIFD and he also has designed flowers for two presidential inaugurations, Clinton and Bush #1. He is also a trends expert who the wholesale florist trade association (WF&FSA) uses to give trends talks at their annual October Miami convention. Kevin is a design specialist for Smithers-Oasis, who sponsored this design show. Thank your Smithers!

Kevin talked about design trends as well as actual doing some designs right on stage. He also mixed in some designs that he had done earlier in the day. The show ran 2 hours. One talk he gave that elicited oohs and ahhs from the crowd was the boutonniere demonstration he did with the one inch wide pliable Smithers shiny metal ribbon. Kevin made a boutonniere out of a short metal piece cut off the spool. It was folded over and pinned vertically on the man’s lapel using Smithers-Oasis Uglu. Flowers were then attached to the metal ribbon using Uglu. Kevin told the audience that the Uglu is so powerful, that you can peel the boutonniere off the lapel and then place it back on the lapel and it will stay in place. He suggested to not use Uglu for corsages for females, for the Uglu may pull out threads in fragile dress fabrics.



Kevin also took bulbed plants out of a pot, washed the dirt off and incorporated flower and attached bulb in arrangements. It was a unique look, and people in the crowd liked it.



We are posting some videos and photos from the show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goggle+ Flickr and youtube. So check them out.

For food at this show, we cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill, and even though there was lightning and downpours in the area, our intrepid cook, Joe, got all the burgers/dogs cooked.

We had attendance of 121 people from 60 shops.  Check out our video!

Betsy from Merritt Flower Shop in upstate New York was the big winner of the Weber grill we gave away. We always tell people there are usually 50-60 shops that attend our show. About 20 of these shops win a door prize and one lucky winner wins our big giveaway, which is usually a grill, T.V., IPAD or a Kindle. For the big prize, those are pretty big odds, 1 in 60. For the door prize the odds are one in three.

We auctioned off all the designs at the end of the evening and the prices paid at the auction varied from $5 to $55. So many shops left that day with design worth well more than $55.

Our next event is our launch party with Bloomnation on 6/1/16. No admission fee. Wonderful catered dinner, and a new wire service that pays within 2 days, charges 10% only on orders, and allows florists to set the price for the arrangements, unlike the big three. They will also send a photographer to your shop to take photos of arrangements.