Design Show Re-Cap

We had our annual Fall & Christmas Design Show yesterday, and it was a sousing success. There were 102 attendees and also we has some vendors there as well. Accent Décor was the sole sponsor of our show, and their containers and other products were featured very heavily in the designs shown onstage. Some of the designs from the show are shown here although we have less photos than we should have due to a camera malfunction. The featured designer from our show is Jerome Raska AIFD, PFCI, CF AAF. Jerome is an icon in the industry. Re recently won the Mayesh Design Star distinction, and he recently came off being the chair for 4 years of PFCI. Jerome has a different style of presenting. He shows a design onstage, talks briefly about what flowers he chose and what color mix he was seeking, and maybe one interesting mechanic he used on the design, but then he will spned the rest of the time while that arrangement is being shown talking about business principles, styles, and ideas he thinks you should incorporate into your business. He had about 50 of these business nuggets that he interspaced throughout his 1 hour and 45 minute show, and people really ate it up. One fascinating thing he said that stuck with me, was about double work. He found it fascinating that retail florists spend so much time cutting stems and dropping the clipping and leaves onto the floor, and then pay an employee at the end of the day to clean up. He suggests just clip the stems into a garbage can in the first place, and the clean up later on will be minimal. He also talked about using a whole bunch of a flower in a design, rather than a fraction of the bunch. His point is that to take ½ a bunch back to the cooler, is a waste of time. Time that could be better spent on something that can make the shop money.

We were excited to see that Robert from Cobby’s Florist in Clifton, NJ won the big giveaway, an IPAD mini, and Entenmann’s Florist in Jersey City, NJ won the large oversized gift basket we raffled off.



We also would like to thank some other vendors that helped to sponsor our show. These vendors had a table at our show, and also donated product that we raffled aoff the about 20 winners. Syndicate Sales, Design Master, Super Moss, Acolyte, Giftwares, Smithers-Oasis and also our lead sponsor, Accent Décor. Please keep these sponsors in mind when you purchase supply product. These vendors are one of the major reasons we can put on these shows on.

In supplies we had a lot of items on discount, Accent Décor was 15% off, design Master 10% off, dried items 10% off and Christmas stock 20% off. There were other discounts and specials as well including some in cut flowers.

In Cut Flowers we once again brought in samples from several key growers, Art Roses, Holex, Highlight and some wonderfully painted mini-calla lilies.


Eric Levy

October 17, 2015