New Color Forecast is Out

Our 2016 IFD Color Forecast has now been released. We will have videos on our website and also our you-tube channel promoting the forecast.

We have a limited supply of hardcopies at our company if you would like one. Ask your salesperson to send you one. The forecast is produced each year by the husband & wife team of Bill Schaefer AIFD and Kristine Kratt AIFD. They have narrowed the focus to four color group themes, Lustre, Sorbet, Festival and Lavish. The color forecast comes with color tiles and professional beauty shots.

The forecast is sponsored by International Floral Distributors, of which Hillcrest Garden is founding member. The vendors that financially sponsored the forecast are Accent Décor, Candle Artisans, Design Master, Floracraft, Pete Garcia Company, Smithers-Oasis, and Syndicate Sales. Without these sponsors, the Color Forecast would not be possible, so please support these vendors whenever you get the chance.

Visit and view all the details.

Press Release


Eric Levy
October 1, 2015